Peneleapaí has been an artist from the word go. Proudly schooled in the Latino area of Queens NYC in her infant days; going on walkabout from east to west in Europe, before finally growing up in the land of Saints and Scholars which is the Republic of Ireland ~ the vocation has never wavered.
 From gardener, Teacher, healer, performer, community facilitator/host, there has never been a variation re. the intuition of her script. Let us delve into who and what this is . . .
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Céad míle fáilte. Be welcome. Hopefully we haven't crammed too much into trying to give you an idea as to the length and breadth of our Pen on this website. In trying to colour within the lines, we still managed to stray outside the box, hope you can forgive us that.  We are the pages that will give you an intro into Peneleapaí 's music, as well as her other work at this time. From ecological and environmental performance, to singersongwriter blogs; raw vegan retreats, to forest friendly gigs; tantra for babies to healing the womb cycle; Ireland hadn't  yet dreamed of the day an Irish speaking wild spirit would return to touch her heart centre, igniting her spiritual seat with a lucid language that could cradle all 5 provinces, and all corners of the planet.
Be well, stay blessed  
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The umbrella for her mission on earth at this time, goes by a name she was given by a spirit passed over too soon in her youth.
The inexhaustible life force, vital, effervescent, and alive is what the GLOW is about.
Sourcing from the heart, both personally and interplanetarily. Especially connected is the wisdom tradition of First Nations on Turtle Island, land of her birth, which informs the work of GLOW.
Tantra before birth and beyond is not too small a description, as the true defiinition of sexuality is revealed as our core creative healing force, usurped by the pop culture conditioning of the last millenia's perhaps not 100% integrity-informed politia.
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Peneleapaí was a traditional musician, setdancer, as well as healer (Bach Flower Essences, Gentle Wind Project, Space Clearing) and gardener (seed grower for Seed Savers Exchange, USA; Henry Doubleday, UK; Irish Seed Savers Association, IRE)  for many years in West Cork, Ireland, before relocating to east Clare as a traditional singer (CCE East Clare) and Kodaly music practitioner, as well as continuing her work in Waldorf Steiner education. Peneleapaí has adjudicated, curated, and directed multidisciplinary community arts events both
as Gaeilge  as well as in the English language. Her role as trusted facilitator in healing coexists with her time behind community inititatives as well as onstage. Whether solo or in group there is no shortage of bliss and inquiry that she doesn't bring to the fore. She has a unique place among the west holding down nine languages and more (beyond the physical linguistic model), with her passionate mission to rekindle love and healing in all beings, to foster sustainablility and spirituality with deep joy and revelation. If there's a new edge, our Pen will stumble over it and increase in vibrancy in trying to share it with anyone who'll listen