Peneleapaí has been an artist from the word go. Proudly schooled in the Latino area of Queens NYC in her infant days; going on walkabout from east to west in Europe, before finally growing up in the land of Saints and Scholars which is the Republic of Ireland ~ the vocation has never wavered.
 From gardener, Teacher, healer, performer, community facilitator/host, there has never been a variation re. the intuition of her script. Let us delve into who and what this is . . .
Aloha & be welcome
 "A high lonesome in the HOME of the heart ...
a potent force of nature based in the enigma that is past and future Ireland {read- Earth}"
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Singer songwriter,  trad singer,  healing movement and musician
  • earth gigs (site-specific seasonally relevant unplugged community/nature-centred concerts)
  • ecological environmentally supportive offgrid lowtech
    (or no tech) adventures
  • organising / perfroming at  artistic&activist events 
  • all ages friendly * intergeneration * interspecies accessible
  • covering all of Ireland, Europe, USA, etc  
  • cooperative mutually supportive ethos
  • workshops before  performance welcome - let's talk about it
  • House concerts and Nature places - unique  artistic  configured stage geography 
  • Retreats focused on: creative & artistic expression; healing; aligning the human resonance to efffective conductivity between earth and cosmos
Video footage:
Sorrry for not having more recent Showreel 2014 -
 Also a live rendition of traditional song Siúil A Rúin -
And one of the shortest pieces in the repertoire  at Bliss Festival -
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of music sites  &  blogs

 There's a neat wee music site that invited me to join up last year, and out of the many others out there, seemed to result in real flesh+blood listeners (and musicians) writing emails & feedback, sharing & voting on my music in a constant stream of interaction. ... Fairplay! Click on the button below for a gander.
They even act as me own musical secretary, coaxing a new blog out of me, every month or so. So here on the black button below, you can have a peep at what it's all about. One may excavate previous entries from there. Sláinte!
musical musings & BLOGS 
One could be forgiven for neglecting 1 or more musicwebsites or social networking platforms for the plethora of combinations out there, but there in the Emails, on more than one occasion, would come a chirpy announcement:  
Congratulations! Your song is #1 on the Charts
¡ Excuse me ?  I presumed it was some gimmick but when I rambled over, there it was, the lineup for Acoustic Ireland .. or SingerSongwriter.. or whatever the Chart happened to be that week that I'd made it on to. Nice! Thankx for genuine surprises!
 click me! 
Online Shows
Wherever you are in the world,  you can take in a live show, thanks to livestream sites like "Concert Window" and reliable internet speed  :-S
This has been an amazing resource when we've landed in the desert for example, or had more than a handful of hours spare in the airport  (the musical taste of airport staff must be applauded here)  
It also leaves a few questions.
How do I know when you are playing?
Well, pretty simple: tune into our channel
and hit the subscribe/follow button;
you willl get a quick note every time we go live on air. 
I'm a performer too; would you recommend it to anyone?
I've been using Concert Window - check it out. You can broadcast live to your fans for free with:
There's nothing to lose by trying, and lots to gain by having a go. We've learned alot about our strengths and weaknesses too along the way, as well as organisation and fan loyalty. 
Here's a link which will bring you right into setting up your own channel to broadcast live wherever you are on the planet (make sure you have good internet speed tho)
There are many sites that offer this, and between audience usage, percentages shared, there may be a preference
Online Show 27 Dec
House Concert + online simultaneous show 
March 2013
Ned's Cottage
"Ménage à Trois"
special guest
Kieran Glas
Online Show 27 Dec
ConcertWindow & house concert highlight videos
(see above)