Peneleapaí has been an artist from the word go. Proudly schooled in the Latino area of Queens NYC in her infant days; going on walkabout from east to west in Europe, before finally growing up in the land of Saints and Scholars which is the Republic of Ireland ~ the vocation has never wavered.
 From gardener, Teacher, healer, performer, community facilitator/host, there has never been a variation re. the intuition of her script. Let us delve into who and what this is . . .
Aloha & be welcome
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    Solo gig
    + Live performance within the Clare - Limerick - Galway - (some bits of) Tipperary region +
  2. +

    + Peneleapaí with a guest musician (guitar/percussion/vocals/or other combination!) + Amplify the effect with the power of 2
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    + Peneleapaí with two other alchemical sound scientists give you a performance you won't forget. Publicity also multiplied on all our networks. + Triple spiral of musical healing + This element represents the description field.
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    Group & workshop
    + With a full band sound guaranteeing sublime sonic activation, entertainment, and pleasure + integral workshop of your topic choice, or choose from below: songwriting for teens songwriting for adults percussion circle music making for all + Where possible, you may be able to request the lineup from the rosta of Peneleapaí planetarians :-D + This element represents the description field. + This element represents the description field.
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